Teaching Experience (1998 - Current)

Associate Professor: 2015 Current, Department of Computer Science, Western Kentucky University

Assistant Professor: 2009 2015, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Western Kentucky University

Instructor: 1998 - 2008, Computer Science Department, Western Kentucky University

Courses taught:

         CS145 - Introduction to Computing

         CS145 - Introduction to Computing (online course)

         CS145 - Introduction to Computing (dual-credit)

         CS157 - Information Security I (online course)

         CS257 - Information Security II (online course)

         CS230 - Introduction to Programming (in QBasic, Visual Basic .NET)

         CS239 - Problem Solving With Computational Techniques

         CS240 Computer Science I

         CS241 Computer Science II

         CS244 - Computer Science I Laboratory

         CS245 - Introduction to Computer Programming Language (C, C#)

         CS338 - Computer Science III

         CS443/G - Database Management Systems

         CS444/G - Programming Languages

         CS475 Selected Topics in Computer Science (Dynamic Networks)

         CS500 - Research Methods and Projects in Computer Science

         CS543 Advanced Database Systems

         CS595 - Advanced Topics/Computer Science (Security and Cryptography) 

         CS595 Advanced Topics/Computer Science (Network Structure and Dynamics)



Business and Industrial Experience (1986 -1998)

        Programming Consultant: 1997-1998. Bowling Green, Kentucky.

        Interface Programmer: 1996-1997. R&D Department, Medic Computer Systems, Raleigh, North Carolina.

        Graduate Lab Assistant: 1994 - 1996, Computer Science Department, Western Kentucky University.

        Research Engineer: 1986-1993, National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology, China.