PSY 560: Intellectual Assessment
Syllabus History of IQ, Part 3 Ethics and Assessment Marks on Papers
History of IQ, Part 1 Correlates of IQ, Part 1 Mental Retardation Hints for Writing Answers
History of IQ, Part 2 Correlates of IQ Part 2 Learning Disability  

Fall 2011 Presentations

Presenters Test Presented Date
Ashley King, Charlie Payne, Molly White Stanford Binet, Fifth Edition 11/25/13, Time 1
Shannon Boone, Briese Chapman, Lauren Lamar Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognition, Third Edition 11/25/13, Time 2
Megan Prickett, Anissa Pugh, Jennifer Sharklet Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test 12/2/13, Time 1
Brittney Green, Cody Haynes, Michael Shacklette Kaufman Adult Intelligence Test 12/2/13, Time 2
Mary Katherine Higginson, Alex Isbill, Amanda Reynolds Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children 12/4/13, Time 1
Siera Crowe, Candace Elliott, John Paul Reynolds Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, Fourth Edition 12/4/13, Time 2
  Differential Ability Scales