PSY 495

History and Systems

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Take Home Questions:

Assignment 1 Due September 19, 2014
Assignment 2 Due October 13, 2014
Assignment 3 Due October 31, 2014
Assignment 4 Due November 19, 2014
Assignment 5 Due December 3, 2014
Assignment 6 Due December 8, 2014

Power Point Lecture Notes

Chapter One Chapter Two
Chapter Three Chapter Four
Chapter Five Chapter Six
Chapter Seven Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen Chaopter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen  


Date Slot Group Person
December 1, 2014
Rebecca Fountain, Emilee Dyer, Casey Fortney Aron Beck
Bradley Isgrigg, Drew Morgan, Josh Buttrum, Cody Blanton Erich Fromm
December 3, 2014
Ashley Williams, Hilary Atkisson Normanha, Janniqua Dawkins Elisabeth Loftus
Melanie Ziertain, Heather Trick, Karisa Hunt Albert Ellis
December 5, 2014
Kayla Lofton, Amanda Martinez, Jessica Mellencamp, Anna Shelton Kenneth Clark
Jenna Dole, Kirsten Olson, Clint Jarboe, Kendall Jarboe Martin Seligman
December 8, 2014
McKenzie Vowels, Lesa Dalton, Julie Haven, Maegan Snodgrass Nancy Chodrow
Caylin Staten, Miranda Whittinghill, Matt Floyd Mary Roth Walsh