PSY 442: Clinical Interviewing
Writing Guidelines for the Take-Home Questions  
A brief overview of APA Style.  
Modified APA Style  
What my marks on your paper mean.  
Here is the clinical interview information sheet.  
Helpful hints on writing answers to Take Home Questions  
Here is the report example I promised you.  
Here are your current grades.  

Power Point Lecture Notes

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Take Home Question 1 Due February 24, 2017
Take Home Question 2 Due March 31, 2017
Take Home Question 3 Due April 28, 2017
Take Home Question 4 Due May 11, 2017
Take Home Question 5  
Take Home Question 6  
Interview 1 Due February 27, 2017
Interview 2 Due March 24, 2017
Report 1  
Report 2