ARC 2xx: Introduction to Chinese Culture

China has the longest continuous cultural history in the world. Its civilization was spectacular when most others were yet in their infancy. Its political, social, and aesthetic values deeply influenced lands well past its borders. The Silk Road and the Mongol empire both stretched the breadth of Asia. After a century of foreign interference, war, and ideological excess, China is now becoming a much more important and influential nation in the international community. Aiming for understanding and appreciation, we will consider a variety of cultural topics, from the mysterious archeological excavations at Sanxingdui, through Tang poetry and Song painting, to the infamous Opium Wars of the 19th century and Mao's Cultural Revolution in the 20th. These will help us come to understand the depth and complexity of China today.

  1. Dynasties & Provinces
  2. Writing & Archeology
  3. Spirits & Ghosts
  4. Ruism: Ethics & Principles
  5. Daoism: Philosophical & Religious
  6. Buddhism: Mahayana & Zen
  7. Monuments & Places
  8. Poetry & Gardens
  9. Painting & other arts
  10. Inventions
  11. May 7th Movement
  12. Mao Zedong
  13. China and its Neighbors
  14. China Today

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