GHOSTS!! is a musical theater work for solo singer, puppets, masks and synthesizer in two acts. It was premiered in February 1997 and features comic and serious settings of Appalachian ghost stories, and original material by the composer. The singer portrays a cast of people, ghosts and monsters by using a variety of puppets, and masks, and is accompanied by synthesizers recorded on tape. GHOSTS!! has been performed at Stetson University, Washington and Lee University, the National conference of the Society of Composers at Indiana University, Indiana State University, the University of Miami, the University of Florida, the University of Georgia, the University of  Tennessee- Martin, the Trinity Methodist Arts Series in Florida, The Grace Church Arts Series in  Jersey City, and St. Petersburg Junior College. In addition,  the work was featured during a week-long residency with Georgia public schools through a grant from the Oscar Jonas foundation.  It was also  performed for the Society of Composers National Conference at Indiana University, the University of Louisville, and for  Georgia State University.

 "Scary Harry" created by sculptor Brent Oglesbee

In ACT ONE, a singer performs a cut from his latest album, "Near Death Experience" as the opera opens. In "A Molten Moment Ago," we learn that he is now having an out of body episode as he watches himself collapse during a post-concert party. He enters the nether-world and meets a monstrous sentry who warns him of the arrival of "John," the most feared denizen of limbo. Next, he witnesses a musical confrontation between the ghost of a concert violinist and the bluegrass banjo player who now lives in his house. As the singer continues on his journey, he hears the eerie music of a spectral country ball and encounters some "Ghostly Dancers" who dance the first act to a close.

In ACT TWO, yet another sentry appears to warn the singer of "John" and to speculate on the human fascination with the supernatural and death. In "Poised on the Brink of Stillness," doubts about an afterlife and anxiety over the isolation of the human existence are expressed in a slow aria. Suddenly, the singer stumbles upon a ghastly toe, which he finds laying on the ground. The toe's owner, "Scary Harry," appears to reclaim his lost body part and to bemoan the cruel life of a monster who is really searching for "a gentler life." Finally, John appears and turns out to be none other than Don Giovanni (Don Juan)!  After being pulled down to Hades in Mozart's opera, the Don finds himself posing some of  the questions raised in George Bernard Shaw's "Don Juan in Hell," (the second act of  MAN AND SUPERMAN). Finally, the singer reaffirms his faith in life and returns to the present as he sings "One More Time."

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