Matthew J. Nee

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Environmental and Energy Chemistry at Phase Interfaces

The Nee Group is interested in physical chemistry (particularly the relationship between molecular structure and chemical reactivity) occuring in the natural environment, particularly at the interface between two or more phases. We have studies that involve the production of gases from aqueous nitrate ion solution, photocatalytic degradation reactions, atmospheric aerosols, and a new collaboration with Dr. Hemali Rathnayake to develop new materials for next-generation energy devices. We use spectroscopy and computational chemistry tools to help us explore these important areas, and are always evolving.

Matthew J. Nee


TCCW 111

Western Kentucky University

1906 College Heights Blvd

Bowling Green, KY 42101

As an Associate Professor in the WKU Chemistry Department, I have mentored over 25 graduate, undergraduate, and high-school students since 2009. I like to emphasize with students the importance of being able to approach a problem from multiple angles, and part of my research mentorship philosophy revolves around the development of core skills (such as electronic structure calculations, laser spectroscopy, and computer programming) for my students.


I am also the coordinator for our department's 5-year Joint Undergraduate Masters Program (JUMP), which has seen a steady growth since graduating our first student in 2014. This program allows students the opportunity to complete both BS and MS in chemistry in only five years, including a fully-certified ACS undergraduate degree and a research-based Masters thesis. Students interested in this program should contact me for more information.