HISTORY 241-001 [36307]        
FALL 2015

Cherry Hall 220

Marion B. Lucas,
Office CH 224-B
Office Ph. (270) 745-5736
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Each student must spend at least six (6) hours in preparation for each weekly class assignment.

1.  Text: Brinkley, Alan. American History: Vol II, Since 1865 (14th edition). Note: A new edition of this book exists but it costs more. You can buy the 14th edition cheaper.

2.  Tests: All hour tests and the final are written in INK in BLUE BOOKS. You can purchase Blue Books at the book store or in CH 220. This class has two (2) hour tests (each counting 20%) and a final exam which will be partially comprehensive, and counts (40%). All tests will cover the lecture material and class discussions. Essays and identifications on the hour tests are graded with regard to content and writing style. This means that there is an “X-factor” involved. The student must state all answers clearly, in a coherent, logical manner. Ideas and concepts are always important. If you have any questions regarding your grade, you should come to my office and inquire. Bring your test paper with you. Please do not wait until the last week of classes to see me.

3. Research Paper: A research paper is required for this class. The research paper counts (20%) of your grade. Details to be announced in class.

4. Absences and Excuses: It is your responsibility to see me regarding absences. You are allowed 3 excused absence. Missing the equivalent of (6) class hours constitutes a failure. You will be required to hand in a written text assignment after your first 3 absences.

5. Grading scale:   90-100 = A / 80-89 = B / 70-79 - C / 60-69 = D / 0-59 = F

6.  Honor System: Each student is expected to be on his or her honor regarding to all work. Dishonest activity and plagiarism will lead to a reduction of one's grade.

7.  Parallel Reading: You must read one (1) book on American history outside of class. Write [type] a 3
1/2  to 4 page book review-analysis of the book you read. To be announced.

8.  Cultural Assignment: Please take advantage of the cultural events offered on campus by the University. They are interesting and will broaden your horizons. WKU’s Events Calendar: http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/AcadAffairs/pag9.htm will help you find cultural events to attend.

9.  In compliance with university policy, students with disabilities who require accommodations (academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids or services) for this course must contact the Office for Student Disability Services in DUC A-200 of the Student Success Center in Downing University Center. Please do not request accommodations directly from the professor without a letter of accommodation from the Office for Student Disability Services.

HISTORY 241-001, CRN 36307
FALL 2015

9:35-10:55 TR

Each student must spend at least six (6) hours in preparation for each class.

Text: Brinkley, Alan. American History: Vol II, Since 1865 (14th edition)


Aug. 25------Instructions &c

Aug. 27-----Chapter 15

Sept. 1------Chapter 16

Sept. 3------Chapter 17

Sept. 8------Chapter 18

Sept. 10-----Chapter 19

Sept. 15-----Chapter 20

Sept. 17-----No Chapter Assignment

Sept. 22-----FIRST HOUR TEST

Sept. 24-----Chapter 21

Sept. 29-----No Chapter Assignment

Oct.  1-2-----Fall Break

Oct.     6-----No Chapter Assignment

Oct.     8-----Chapter 22

Oct.   13-----Chapter 23

Oct.   15-----Chapter 24
Oct.   20-----No Chapter Assignment
Oct.   22-----No Chapter Assignment
Oct.   27-----SECOND HOUR TEST
Oct.   29-----Chapter 25

Nov.   3-------Chapter 26
Nov.    5------Chapter 27
Nov.  10-----Chapter 28
Nov.   12----Chapter 29
Nov.   17----Chapter 30
Nov.   19----Research Papers Due
Nov.   24----Chapter 31
Nov.   25-27--Thanksgiving
Dec.   1------Book Review-Analysis Due
Dec.   3------Chapter 32
FINAL EXAM: Monday, Dec. 7, 1-3 pm