Web Development Resources



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Description of Resource

2.     Internet Activity Structures

Good links to sample sites

3.     Webquests

Excellent resource for creating webquests and viewing sample webquests

4.     Web-Based Training Activities

Examples, templates, advice, notes, and other goodies
for trainers and instructional designers

5.     Flash page flip [Flash animation]

Great flash template to add your own content. Students flip pages in your “book.”

6.     Applets [Java applet]

Free Java applets you can customize such as Calendar, Coloring Book, Flash Cards, Dot-to-Dot, Sliding Puzzle, and much more.

7.     Marathon.Muse.com

Awesome Jeopardy Game Builder, Twenty-Four (math puzzle), and Base Converter.

8.     Transparent Images

The GIF89 transparent color extension allows an image to specify a transparent color, which can then be displayed as the same color as the background on which the image is to be displayed. This site shows you exactly how to do it.

9.     GIF Construction Set

Build instant animations with Animation Wizard and more

10.  GIF Animation on the WWW

Another great resource for creating GIF animations

11.  The JPEG FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about JPG graphic format

12.  Free GIFs and Animations

Gifs, Animations, Backgrounds, Accents and more

13.  Helen's Background Images

Four great downloads you can modify with your own content: Graph and chart in Flash, Animated Cartoon, Advanced GIF Animator, and Animated Flash Charts

14.  Photoshop Tips

Awesome! 39 Photoshop tips

15.  Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop

23 more Photoshop tips

16.  Cartoons

Resource for all kinds of cartoons

17.  Free Sound Files

Search engine for sounds, free trial membership

18.  Free Graphics Software

Free trial versions of graphics software

19.  Puzzlemaker

Online puzzle maker, brain boosters, clip art gallery, study starters, and science fair central at discoveryschool.com

20.  The Learning Group

Create activities, quizzes, calendars, surveys, 30-day free trial membership

21.  Media Builder

Lots of 3d graphics, backgrounds, and online tools

22.  Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site

More PhotoShop tips, goodies and downloads, great links to web resources

23.  Kitty Roach's Animations

 Great animations and they are FREE

24.  Body Mass Index Calculator for Kids  

Good sample interactive site

25.  Child and Youth BMI Calculator

Good sample interactive site

26.  How to Design a Successful Project

Good sample websites for education

27.  Steps for Building a Website

Excellent resource: copyright, kinds of webpages, steps to build, evaluation rubrics, projects you can join, great sample websites

28.  Educational Web Design

Web Lessons- Learning Webs- Class Webs- Web Quests-
Virtual Field Trips- Student Webs- Ed. Resources- Internet Projects- Scavenger Hunts- Tutorials-

29.  Web Page Design

Great animation resources, graphics, tutorials, designs

30.  Interactive Math Web Pages

Good sample math webpages

31.  Interactive Social Studies Web Pages

Good sample social studies webpages

32.  Interactive Websites

Good source to see multimedia video clips, Hundreds of links to interactive websites for education

33.  Interactive Games, Websites, and Activities

Links to websites to get my students actively involved

34.  Interactive Website for Primary Grades

Great interactive websites for Math, Science, and miscellaneous

35.  Interactive Activities for Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies

Links to interactive websites for math, language arts, science, and miscellaneous

36.  Awesome Websites by Jo Edkins

Lots of interactive sites like tossing coins, making a mosaic, tessellations, mazes, and much, much more

37.  Learning Channel

Excellent samples and resources

38.  Economic Education

Great economics resources, select Interactive Websites; great samples

39.  Interactive Websites for Kids

Lots of resources including interactive websites

40.  Bellsnwhistles

You will not believe this site, awesome source for animations, counters, clipart, etc.

41.  Webmaster Tips

Great web development tips

42.  Website Development Information

Scroll down for good design practices

43.  Gif Animations


44.  Animation Library

Awesome source for animations, animals, alphabets, people, words, you name it!!

45.  Country Graphics and Clipart

Country as in deep South country art

46.  Amazing Counters

Good selection of counters, but you can do this in FrontPage without the ads

47.  Animation Factory

Lots of animations, some are free and some to purchase

48.  Free Sounds Clips

Good source of sounds

49.  Between the Lions

Awesome interactive stories

50.  Grade Level Skills Help Pages

Great source of ideas for interactive curricular webpages

51.  ISTE Educator Resources

Lots of educator resources for technology integration

 MarcoPolo Teacher Resources Lots of teacher resources and technology tips