Leyla Zhuhadar

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 1st. My mother, Christina Popova, is my motivation in life, she always used to tell me: "study more than anyone, work more than anyone, expect less than anyone... and you will always feel satisfied and happy!". She finished her Mechanical Engineering from one the best Universities in Bulgaria (Начало - Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski). She was born in Drama, Greece during WW2- January 6, 1943, that is why she was named Christina (Orthodox tradition if a child was born on Christmas' day). She speaks Greek, Bulgarian, and understand (Russian, German, and French) . My Dad, Said Zhuhadar, his family roots are from Turkey, was born in 1938. He finished his study in Sofia, Bulgaria as theatre stage director (metteur en scène de théâtre), his plays were popular. In 1978 he was honored from the Hungarian board of directors for directing "ballet swan lake". He wrote and translated a lot of books from Bulgarian to Arabic. He speaks Bulgarian, Arabic, Russian and English. He is my inspiration in writing and loving Art, from Opera to Classical music, from Russian literature to French Renaissance.

I obtained my Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990. In 1993, I got my Master degree in Electrical Engineering & Control. After graduation, I worked at the Ministry of Higher Education for ten years, teaching and directing Information Technology Institute.

In January 2003, I came to United States, I obtained my second Master in Computer Science in 2004 from Western Kentucky University, USA. In 2005, I started my PhD. in Computer Engineering & Computer Science at University of Louisville, USA. On December, 2009, I obtained my Doctoral Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, University of Louisville, USA.

I speak Bulgarian, French, English and Arabic. I can say couple of words in Russian, Greek and Turkish. But, I would like to learn Italian soon!

I have two wonderful kids, my daughter Natasha, 20 years old and my son Rudy, 15 years old.

My hobbies:


  • Reading French literature, recenctly I'm reading"Tête-à -Tête":The Tumultuous Lives and Loves of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartreby Hazel Rowley
  • Reading new books in Machine learning, Webmining, Semantic web and Ontology.
  • Biking whenever I have a free time.