Studies on wetland landscape of the Modern Yellow River Delta


As a kind of ecotone constituted of clustered land mosaics, wetland always exhibits one of its remarkable spatial features—heterogeneity. Landscape ecology is such an interdisciplinary branch focusing on heterogeneity that may bring us some synthetic and creative thinking. Therefore, some landscape theories and methods are applied into the studies on the elements, structure, pattern and dynamics of wetland landscape in the Modern Yellow River Delta (MYRD) in my master thesis. Three topics are discussed:


1.    Establishing the wetland landscape system of MYRD, based on Land use System of 1991 (1:50000) and wetland system developed from some satellite images.

























2.    Analyzing the wetland landscape heterogeneity of MYRD, including:

-          Assessing landscape fragmentation using landscape fragmentation indices;

-          Assessing heterogeneity using landscape diversity indices;

-          Analyzing Structure and pattern of landscape element distribution

-          Analyzing Landscape change by comparing landuse 1991 and landuse 1984

-          Inducing wetland transition and vegetation succession













































-          Examining the relationship between landscape heterogeneity and environmental heterogeneity


3.    Evaluating wetland conservation strategies based upon the results from landscape analysis.


Wetland Reserve of Yellow Rive Delta