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ENG 401/G Advanced Composition
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Writing Assignments


I expect you to write papers because you have something to communicate and not because an assignment is due or you need credit to graduate. I invite you to take risks, to leave your comfort zones, experiment with writing, try new forms, styles, genres, and tones when you decide on your assignments. You will never be punished if something doesn’t work, as long as you write something else that does.

You will write two major essays: one short piece (500-750 words) and one longer one (3000-4000 words). You will prepare at least four initial rough for the short piece and two for the long one. Peer feedback will help you decide which draft to choose for further revision before you submit it for a grade.

When you choose your assignments, please refrain from pieces of fiction. I am an advocate of creative non-fiction, and your assignments should fall under this category. 

I would like to encourage you to write one humorous piece as one of your assignments. 

We will workshop both papers. Please read about the workshop process under Course Information.

Additional writing assignments include regular Discussion Board postings, three writing exercises of your choice, a reflective professional journal, peer feedback, and optional games.

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