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ENG 401/G Advanced Composition
 +Course Description
     -Content Map
     -Required Texts
     -Methods of Instruction
     -Aims and Objectives of the Course
     -Learning Outcomes
     -Instructor's Additional Expectations
Guidelines for Communication

     -Reading Assignments

     -Writing Assignments

     -Discussion Board Postings

     -Digital Portfolio

     -Graduate Project


     -Class Requirements


     -Extra Credit Opportunities

 +Course Policies
     -Deadlines and Late Work
     -Code of Academic Integrity/Plagiarism
     -Students Disability Services
     -Academic Deadlines
 +Technical Support
     -Advice for Online Students: Virtual Orientation


Grading Scale


There are no exams in this class, only due dates for reading and writing assignments and a final digital portfolio. To pass the course, you have to complete all assignments and meet all course requirements. Your grade will be based on the quality of your work and not on your effort. Your work (papers, portfolio, journal, feedback, etc.) will be assessed holistically. On your major papers, you will receive a “grade-so-far” which can be improved by revising your pieces for the final portfolio. All other assignments (such as reading-responses, journals assignments, etc.) receive either full credit, half credit, or no credit. So you can be aware of your progress at all times, you should keep track of your grades, absences, and general performance in class. Please keep papers and other documents that contain feedback or grade until the end of the semester.

A is excellent; B is good; C is satisfactory; D is poor, but passing; F is failure.

    91% to 100% = A
    81% to   90% = B
    71% to   80% = C
    61% to   70% = D
                   60% = F

Final grades will be based on the following approximate distribution:

    Portfolio cover letter (or reflective movie or audio file)


    Revised Paper 1


    Revised Paper 2


    Participation (class and group discussions, DB postings, reading assignments, reliability as a group member, improved technology skills, etc.)


    Writing exercises

    15 %


    15 %


    100 %

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