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EnG 401/G Advanced Composition  
 +Course Description
     -Content Map
     -Required Texts
     -Methods of Instruction
     -Aims and Objectives of the Course
     -Learning Outcomes
     -Instructor's Additional Expectations
Guidelines for Communication

     -Reading Assignments

     -Writing Assignments

     -Discussion Board Postings

     -Digital Portfolio

     -Graduate Project


     -Class Requirements


     -Extra Credit Opportunities

 +Course Policies
     -Deadlines and Late Work
     -Code of Academic Integrity/Plagiarism
     -Students Disability Services
     -Academic Deadlines
 +Technical Support
     -Advice for Online Students: Virtual Orientation


Extra Credit Opportunities


  • Basically, you will get extra credit for everything you do beyond and above the requirements.
  • Video project.
  • Reading more than just the minimum requirement. Every time you have an either/or choice in your reading requirement, you will get extra credit if you read both pieces.
  • Giving extra feedback: you can give feedback you your peers outside your workshop group, or you can give feedback to our group members on later drafts.
  • Submitting your paper to a journal for publication or participating in a writing contest.
  • Helping your classmates with info and encouragement when they need it.
  • Using the OWL and/or the online tutoring service + evidence that you did
  • Submitting a well-designed digital portfolio as part of your personal website--if based on your own web-authoring skills.
  • Participating in the class blog, fun, and games.
  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn and take risks.
  • Professional demeanor when interacting with others and doing your work.
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