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EnG 401/G Advanced Composition
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     -Required Texts
     -Methods of Instruction
     -Aims and Objectives of the Course
     -Learning Outcomes
     -Instructor's Additional Expectations
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     -Graduate Project


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Aims and Objectives of the course


  • The ability to analyze and apply effective writing techniques for creating texts in creative nonfiction;
  • Familiarity with what practitioners, scholars, and critics say about the various subgenres and purposes of creative nonfiction;
  • An awareness that good writing is an authoring and crafting process made up of numerous steps and the ability to utilize those stages of the writing process that work best for you;
  • A basic understanding of reading theory and how it helps your composing processes;
  • The ability to work collaboratively on written assignments and to give constructive feedback to peers using technical language to critique works-in-progress;
  • An enhanced writing confidence and finding your own voice;
  • A willingness and ability to reflect on your own lives through the process of reading and writing about others;
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