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Johnny Chan is the Leon Page Endowed Chair of Finance and a University Distinguished Professor (tenured). He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and recently won a Fulbright Scholar Award from the US Department of State to teach a semester in China (Fall, 2017).

He received his B.Soc.S degree in Economics at Chinese University of Hong Kong, M.A. in Economics, M.A. in Finance, and Ph.D. in Finance at the University of Alabama. His teaching interests are investments and international finance. Research interests include corporate governance, analyst behavior, mutual funds, financial education, journal ranking, and measurement of intellectual contributions. 

He has published more than 195 journal articles in leading finance and business journals (publisher) such as:

Accounting and Business Research (Taylor & Francis)

Accounting and Finance (Wiley)

Accounting, Organizations and Society (Elsevier)

Advances in Financial Education (Financial Education Association)

Australian Accounting Review (Wiley)

Business Ethics: A European Review (Wiley)

Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (Wiley)

China and the World Economy (Wiley)

Corporate Governance: An International Review (Wiley)

Family Business Review (Sage)

Eastern Economic Journal (Palgrave Macmillan)

Economics Letters (Elsevier)

Economic Modelling (Elsevier)

Empirical Economics (Springer)

Energy Policy (Elsevier)

European Accounting Review (Taylor and Francis)

European Financial Management (Wiley)

European Journal of Finance (Taylor and Francis)

European Journal of Marketing (Emerald)

Financial Management (Wiley)

Finance Research Letters (Elsevier)

Financial Review (Wiley)

Financial Practice and Education (Financial Management Association)

International Business Review (Elsevier)

International Review of Economics and Finance (Elsevier)

Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance (Sage)

Journal of Banking and Finance (Elsevier)

Journal of Business Ethics (Springer)

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting (Wiley)

Journal of Business Research (Elsevier)

Journal of Corporate Finance (Elsevier)

Journal of Empirical Finance (Elsevier)

Journal of Financial Education (Financial Education Association)

Journal of Financial Planning (Financial Planning Association)

Journal of Financial Markets (Elsevier)

Journal of Financial Research (Wiley)

Journal of Futures Markets (Wiley)

Journal of International Business Studies (Palgrave Macmillan)

Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting (Wiley)

Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money (Elsevier)

Journal of Investing (Institutional Investors)

Journal of Marketing Education (Sage)

Journal of Portfolio Management (Institutional Investors)

Journal of Real Estate Research (American Real Estate Society)

Journal of Real Estate Literature (American Real Estate Society)

Journal of Small Business Management (Wiley)

Management International Review (Springer)

Multinational Business Review (Emerald)

North American Journal of Economics and Finance (Elsevier)

Pacific Accounting Review (Emerald)

Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (Elsevier)

Risk Management and Insurance Review (Wiley)

Real Estate Economics (Wiley)

Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (Springer)


He held tenured faculty positions at the University of Dayton, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and Minnesota State University Moorhead before he joined WKU in 2003. He was a director of Midwest Finance Association (2004-2007).

He won the College public service award in 2007; College research award in 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2015; the Vitale Award for Innovation, Initiative, and Leadership in 2008; and awarded a University Distinguished Professor in 2013.  He is an associate editor of Journal of Financial Education (2009-2014; 2017) and Chinese Economy, and special issue editors of International Review of Economics and Finance, Chinese Economy, Journal of Teaching in International Business, Journal of Asian Business Studies, and Managerial Finance.


Class in Fall 2018

1. Finance 330 Principles of Finance

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