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                                                      Style Checker?


Faulty coordination                                                          no
Faulty subordination                                                        no
Parallel construction                                                         no
Mixed constructions                                                         no
Missing words                                                     no (unless a verb)
Dangling modifiers                                                            no
Shifts person                                                                      no
 tense                                                                                  no
 mood                                                                                  no
 voice                                                                                   no
Passives                                                                yes (but be critical)
Sentence variety                                                               no
Wordiness                                                       some common offenders Jargon                                                                        sometimes
Slang                                                                       overconservative

Sexist language                                                     overconservative Fragments                                                         about 50%, some false positives                        
Comma faults                                                    about 40%, many false positives      
Subject/verb agreement                                   about 70%, some false positives  
Pronoun/antecedent agreement                                    no
Pronoun case                                                                   good
who/whom                                                                       good
adjective/adverb confusion                                         uneven
double comparison                                                          good
double negatives                                                              good
comparison of absolutes, e.g. "more unique"              good
wrong verb forms                                                       about 33%
use of commas                                                              unreliable
semicolons                                                                     sometimes
colons                                                                                   no
apostrophes                                             good in contractions, iffy on possessives

quotation marks                                                 good on closing quotes
question marks                                      good for split-verb  questions only  periods                                                                                no
exclamation marks                                                             no
Spelling                                                                             good
Confusables, e.g. "lie/lay"                                            some help
Capitals                                                                          some help            


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