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Personal Information

I came to Western in 1969 from the University of Texas at Austin, and I've taught here since then. My earliest specialties were renaissance and seventeenth century British literature, but I later branched out to teach classical literature, world literature, English grammar, and English 100, 200, and 300 (our general education sequence).  Recently, medieval literature and grammar have been particular interests. Most of my recent publications have been connected with them in some way.  For 19 years, I was  Western's director of composition, a great appointment for someone interested in all facets of writing.

I like to travel and have taken five summer-term classes to London. I've posted information about my London classes and other teaching below, along with exercises and other material connected with my writing book
Understanding Style.

Since  2003, I've published translations and retellings of pre-renaissance English literature. My versions of Malory's
Le Morte D'Arthur, Chaucer's  Canterbury Tales, and Middle English Poetry in Modern Verse are sampled below, along with Chapter One of my current project, an Arthurian period novel called My Name Is Wat.


Classes Taught

Le Morte D'Arthur (from Book 21)

Canterbury Tales ("The Reeve's Tale")

Middle English Poetry Samples

Understanding Style Pages

My Name is Wat, Chapter 1

May 2009
Department of English, Potter College, Western Kentucky University
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