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Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources on Stoicism (by Keith Seddon)

General Stoic Sites

1. The Stoic Foundation (directed by Dr. Keith Seddon)
2. The New Stoa (formerly The Stoic Registry)
3. The Stoic Life

General Articles

1. "Stoicism," by Dirk Baltzly, in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
2. "Stoicism," by Philip P. Hallie from Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    (MacMillan, 1967), Vol. 8: 19-22. (link fixed 1-27-06)
3. "Stoicism," by William R. Connolly (Ecole Initiative article)
4. "Stoic Philosophy of Mind," by Scott Rubarth, in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
5. "Ataktos: A Dialogue on Stoic Ethics," by Dirk Baltzly
6. "Stoic Ethics" by William O. Stephens, in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
7. "Ethics of Stoicism," by A. A. Long, in the Dict. of the Hist. of Ideas
8. "An Introduction to Stoic Ethics," by Michael Russo


1. "Zeno and the Beginning of Stoicism," by Andrew Erskine (1999)
2. A Scientific Pantheist View of Zeno of Citium

Stoics and Epicureans

1. "Stoic and Epicurean Views of Happiness," by Robin Kent (2002)

Musonius Rufus

2. On Musonius Rufus: a Brief Essay, by Richard Carrier
3. Questions for Musonius Rufus Discussion


1. "Epictetus," by Dr. Keith Seddon, in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
2. "Epictetus on How the Stoic Sage Loves", by William O. Stephens
3. Modifying What You Say to Yourself: The Therapeutic Philosophy of Epictetus ,
    by Christoph Kraiker


1. "Shakespeare was a Stoic," by Prof. Ben R. Schneider
(for other parts of this work, change the "1" in the url in 13 to "2", "3", "4", and "5")
2. Christophe Paillard's "Fatalism" Site (includes treatment, in French, of Stoic views)
3. Nancy Sherman, "Educating the Stoic Warrior" (link updated 1-2009)
4. E. V. Arnold's Roman Stoicism (classical studies available online)
5. Frederick May Holland's The Reign of the Stoics (classical studies available online)
6. Retired Admiral James B. Stockdale on Stoicism Lecture 1 - Lecture 2.

Links to Other Collections of Links and Ancient Philosophy Sites

1. A Day in Old Athens: A Picture of Athenian Life (ca. 360 BCE)
2. Aristotle (articles in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; scroll down)
3. Classical Greek and Roman Authors in English Translation (MIT)
4. Epicurus and Epicureanism
5. Neo-Platonism
6. Plotinus
7. Presocratic Philosophers