Lectures and Other Learning Aids
Related to the Topics of Dr. Garrett's Courses

This page was last modified August 16, 2013

  • The Committed Life (PHIL 103)
  • History of Philosophy I: Ancient and Medieval (PHIL 302)
  • History of Philosophy II: Modern and Contemporary (PHIL 303)
  • Ethics (PHIL 320) (Spring 2010)
  • The Ancient Greek Enlightenment (PHIL 341) (Fall 2012)
  • Ethical Theory (PHIL 350)

  • Readings in Philosophy: Aristotle and Embodied Realism (PHIL 401)
  • International Justice (PHIL 401: Readings in Philosophy)
  • Philosophy, Moral Politics, and Cognitive Science (PHIL 401, Fall 2009)

    Dr. Garrett has retired from teaching.

    He still occasionally checks his campus email and
    enjoys discussing with students engaged
    in philosophy and/or social justice work.

    Email: jan.garrett@wku.edu.