Jan Edward Garrett


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I. Publications

NEW Fall 2011: An Interview with Dr. Garrett on His Journey to and from Stoicism in The New Stoa Part IPart IIPart III

Jan Edward Garrett, 2008. "The Doubtful Descent of Human Rights from Stoicism." Nordic Journal of Human Rights (Nordisk Tidsskrift for Menneskerettigheter), no.1: 77-90.

Jan Edward Garrett, 2004. Review of Tony Honoré: Ulpian: Pioneer of Human Rights (2nd ed., New York: Oxford University Press, 2002). Nordic Journal of Human Rights (Nordisk Tidsskrift for Menneskerettigheter), no.1: 80-82.

Translation, Richard Bodéüs, Aristotle and the Theology of the Living Immortals (Albany: State University of New Press, 2000). A translation of Aristote et la theologie des vivants immortels (Bellarmin, 1992).

"Is the Sage Free from Pain?" Volga Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences No. 6 (October 13, 1999). The Volga Journal is an online journal at Samara State University in Russia, Prof. Alexander Shestakov, editor. For a version of this article, see The Stoic Place: Historical Materials.

Review of S. Everson, Aristotle on Perception, Metascience 8:1 (March 1999), 174-79.

Review of Peter A. French, Corporate Ethics, in Teaching Philosophy 18:369-71 (December 1995).

Translation, Richard Bodéüs, The Political Dimensions of Aristotle's Ethics (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1993).

"The Moral Status of 'the Many' in Aristotle," Journal of the History of Philosophy 31:171-89 (April 1993).

"Ethics of Managing Interpersonal Conflict in Organizations" (coauthored with M. A. Rahim and G. F. Buntzman), Journal of Business Ethics 11:423–432, 1992.

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"Beyond the Fetish of Productivity," Contemporary Philosophy, VII, No. 11 (Late Fall 1979), 8–11.

"Hans Georg Gadamer on 'Fusion of Horizons,'" Man and World, 11, No. 3/4 (1979), 392–400.

II. Presentations at Scholarly Meetings
(Partial List)

"The Doubtful Descent of Human Rights from Stoicism," Second International Conference on Philosophy (Sponsored by Athens Institute for Education and Research), held at University of Athens, June 4-5, 2007.

"The Objects of Human Rights: A Capabilities Approach," Kentucky Philosophical Association, Spring 2003 Meeting at University of Louisville, April 12, 2003. Commentator: Prof. Jack Weir.

III. Research Interests

  • Marx and Marxism
  • Freud and Wilhelm Reich
  • Stoicism
  • Aristotle
  • Political Theory, International Justice, Human Rights
  • Embodied Realism as a Challenge to Analytic Philosophy
  • Philosophy of the Emotions

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