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Please Read Before Using This Website

Finding Material By Topic

At the left you will find buttons for sections of the alphabet. These buttons correspond to a listing of the topics for which this website contains resources or, at the very least, considered opinions. If you know the topic for which you are looking, e.g., Animal Rights, you may click on the button for the appropriate segment of the alphabet, e.g., A-C. If you would like to see a complete listing of the topics, click on the button labeled "Complete Table of Contents." Because I have made a special effort in the last year to collect links to sources of information and arguments, as well as groups that are active, regarding corporate globalization, I have provided a button to reach that collection as well.

On Using the Material You Do Find

Very often, the people who have the most to say about a practice are those who want to change it. Therefore it should come as no surprise that some webpages on this list have a goal in mind. They are neither neutral nor above the fray. That, of course, does not imply that their factual claims are false or that their arguments are weak, but you are responsible for the use which you make of them.

If an argument does not seem valid to you, where does it go wrong? If claims are suspect, perhaps you ought to try to verify or disconfirm them from an independent source (which, of course, should not be less reliable than the source you are evaluating!). And beware of arguments that substitute emotional appeals for verifiable premises or long-tested, carefully stated ethical principles. Moreover, in writing academic papers, you should indicate the sources for statements you have directly quoted and for the unusual ideas you have consciously borrowed from writers other than yourself. That is, the source should be indicated by embedded references, endnotes or footnotes, along with a bibliography.

Many of the business ethics links here have already been collected by Manuel Velasquez in the fourth edition of his Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases (Prentice-Hall). Some links here have been suggested by students in my courses at Western Kentucky University. The inclusion here of a link to a website does not imply that I endorse the perspective of that website or any particular claims that may appear on it.