See also Workers' Rights and Civil Liberties

U. S. Census

For legal aspects of discrimination, search the resources provided by
Hieros Gamos or the American Bar Association

Drug Policy; Alternatives to the Drug War

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Common Sense for Drug Policy
Drug Policy Foundation
Drug Policy Alliance
Drug Reform Coordination Network
Drug Sense
Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)
Harm Reduction Coalition
Human Rights Watch
The Lindesmith Center (TLC)
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
Marijuana Policy Project
The Rand Corporation Drug Policy Research Center
The Sentencing Project/Campaign for an Effective Crime Policy

Economic Strategies, Alternative

Co-op America
See also Responsible Consumption.


Eco-Portal - The Environmental Sustainability Info Source
Environmental Protection Agency
Various environmental organizations and journals
Pacific Net Page
Greenmoney Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Wilderness Society
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Union of Concerned Scientists

Ethical Theory

Larry Hinman's Ethics Updates
Dr. Garrett's introductory talks on ancient Greek Ethics
John Dewey Reconstructs Ethics
See also Business Ethics, Feminist Ethical Theory


Larry Hinman's Ethics Updates: Euthanasia

Executive Compensation

United for a Fair Economy
Professor Richard Hannah's Links
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
Executive Pay Watch (AFL-CIO)

Feminist Ethical Theory

Rosemarie Tong's "Feminist Ethics"
See also Gender and Sexism

Food, Hunger, and Democracy Issues

Food First
Larry Hinman's Ethics Updates: World Hunger

Food Quality Issues--Health, Nutrition, and Safety

Campaign for Food Safety
Center for Food Safety
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Genetically Engineered Food Alert
Organic Consumers Association