"Free and Undivided Conflict of Opinion"

Philosophical Dialogues and Other Imaginative Pedagogical Pieces

by Dr. Garrett

Last date revised: August 17, 2013

1. Dialogue on Knowledge and Reality (Fifth-Century B.C. Greek Views)
2. Aristotle Discusses Plato's Phaedo
3. On Happiness, Including an Interview with Aristotle
4. Stoic and Platonist Discuss Reason and Emotions
5. A Stoic and an Aristotelian discuss Ethics
6. Thirteenth-Century Debate: Siger of Brabant v. Thomas Aquinas
7. A "Letter" from Immanuel Kant to David Hume
8. Interview with Immanuel Kant
9. Meet the Kahn-Sequenzes
10. Randy and Libby Discuss Libertarianism
11. Libby and Randy Discuss John Rawls
12. Randy and Libby Discuss Rawls and Affirmative Action
13. Strange Angels—a Rawlsian Parable
14. The Clever Devils Concoct The Master Plan
15. Dialogue on Subjectivism, Objectivism, Divine Command Theory, and Relativism
16. A Conversation on Persons (Abortion, Animal Rights, etc.)
17. A Conversation on War and Ethical Theory
18. Eu-Neek: Is there a Right to Be Unique?
19. A Short Dialogue on Science, Technology, Cleverness, and Morality
20. Carlos and Libby Discuss Communitarianism and Liberalism
21. A Conversation on Family Values (Inspired by George Lakoff)