International Justice:

A Bibliography

Developed for Use in Connection with PHIL 401: International Justice

No attempt has been made to be exhaustive.

Last revised: January 5, 2005

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I. Major Writers
II. Materials on War and Terrorism
III. Materials on Other Global Justice Topics

Major Writers

John Rawls

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___. The Law of Peoples (13-page article)

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Studies of Rawls' work

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Sen and Nussbaum: The Capabilities Approach

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Will Kymlicka

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Onora O'Neill

___, 1986. Faces of Hunger. Unwin; reissue in 2003?

___, 1996. Towards Justice and Virtue: A Constructive Account of Practical Reasoning. New York: Cambridge University Press. [TJV]

___, 2000. Boundaries of Justice. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Other Articles and Books
Related Specifically to War or Terrorism

Materials by Philosophers and Political Theorists

Coady, C. A. J., 1992. "Terrorism," Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. L. C. Becker, 1241-44. New York: Garland Publishing.

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Greetham, Bryan, 1996(?). "Terrorism and the Collapse of Moral Authority." No date for this article is given but the most recent reference in the end notes is from 1996.

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Other Articles and Documents Related to War and Terrorism

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Materials on Other Global Justice Topics
by Philosophers and Political Theorists

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Relevant Articles, Documents, and Books by Non-Philosophers

Arbuthnot, Felicity, 2002. "Inside Iraq" (New Internationalist Special Features), November 26, 2002.

Athreya, Bama. "Trade Is a Women's Issue"

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Rights documents contained in Orend 2002, Appendix A

Sivaraksa, Sulak. Speeches of Sulak Sivaraksa (a Thai Buddhist environmentalist and Human Rights advocate)

General Periodicals for Social, Political, Economic News and Analysis

The American Prospect

Foreign Policy in Focus: A Think Tank without Walls (an online journal)

The Nation

The New Internationalist

ZNET / Z magazine

See also other authors and other sources listed at Critics of Corporate Globalism