Online Articles and Texts

Last Updated: August 8, 2010

1. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophical Classics (click on author in whom you're interested, then look for the text by the author)

2. Eric Brown, Plato--Ethics and Politics, (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

3. Richard Kraut, Aristotle--Ethics (article in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

4. D. S. Hutchinson, Introduction to The Epicurus Reader

5. Jan Garrett et al., The Stoic Place (vast array of Stoic-related materials)

6. Keith Seddon, "Epictetus" (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

7. Ralph McInerny, Saint Thomas Aquinas, (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae (complete)
    Thomas Aquinas, The Natural Law (ST I-II, q. 94)

8. Epistemelinks on Hobbes
      Hobbes' Moral and Political Philosophy (Internet Encyclopedia)

9. William Edward Morris, David Hume (Stanford Encyclopedia)
    Rachel Cohon, Hume's Moral Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    See also W. E. Morris, David Hume--Moral Philosophy (also in S.E.P.)
    James Fieser, David Hume--Moral Theory (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

10. Martin Schönfeld, Kant--Philosophical Development (Stanford Encyclopedia).

11. Jonathan Wolff, Karl Marx (Stanford Encyclopedia)

12. Robert Wicks, Friedrich Nietzsche (Stanford Encyclopedia)

13. Rosemary Tong, Feminist Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia)