Marxism and Libertarianism

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Libertarianism and Its Predecessors

1. John Locke and Natural Rights (summary part basic, critical part intermediate)
2. Adam Smith and The Invisible Hand (summary part basic, critical part intermediate)
      2a. Perfectly Competitive Markets (20th century economic theory) (one page, added 10/27/10)
3. Libertarian Ethics (basic)
4. Common Misunderstandings Concerning Libertarianism (basic)
5. Dialogue on Libertarianism (basic)
6. The Limits of Libertarianism and a Qualified Care Ethics (intermediate)
7. General Information on Friedrich von Hayek (who influenced many libertarians and neoliberals)

Marx and Related Topics

1a. Marx, Theses on Feuerbach (1845)
1b. Marx, Preface to the Critique of Political Economy (1859).
2. Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto (1847) (contains link to the text and Study Questions)
3. Marx's Analysis of Capitalism
4. Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme (1875)
5. The Bamako Appeal (2006) (a recent Manifesto in the broad tradition represented by Marx)
6. Michael Lebowitz, The Socialist Alternative (8/25/2010)
7. Michael Lebowitz, The Spectre of Barbarism and Its Alternative (9/10/2010)
8. Michael Lebowitz, Building 21st Century Socialism (9/1/2008)
9. Michael Lebowitz, The Path to Human Development (2009)
10. Challenges to Marx and Marxian Socialism (together with Marxian Responses) (new web page 11-5-2010)
11. Lecture Notes on Marx 2010 (last modified: November 17, 2010)