Dialogues, Pedagogical Forgeries, etc.

1. Dialogue on Relativism, Objectivism, Divine Command Theory, etc.

2. Dialogue on Aristotle's Ethics

3. A Discussion of Ethics between an Aristotelian and a Stoic

4. Kant's Letter to Hume (fictional)

5. An Interview with Immanuel Kant

6. Meet the Kahn-Sequenzes (Dialogue) (restored 10-23)

7. Strange Angels (A Rawlsian Fable) (The Original Position Remythologized)

8. Libby and Randy Discuss John Rawls (restored 11-18)

9. Dialogue on Rawls and Affirmative Action (new here 11-15)

10. Libby and Randy Discuss Libertarianism (3-5-07)

11. Carlos and Libby Discuss Communitarianism and Liberalism (new 11-27)