Key Concepts

This page was last revised August 2, 2010
Some of the most important general ethical ideas and vocabulary are discussed in the (usually quite brief) web pages to which you may link below. Other concepts are introduced and explained in the web pages devoted to various Ethical Theories. Still others are introduced and explained in the web pages in the Contemporary Issues section of the website for PHIL 320.


Concept - Consequentialism - Ethics
Good, The - Good Life - Happiness - Interests
Justice - Morality - Needs - Nonconsequentialism
Personal Ethics - Persons - Punishment
Reparation - Responsibility - Retribution
Revenge - Right, The - Rights
Social Ethics

1. Concept (What is a concept, anyway?)

2. Basic Terms: Morality, Ethics, The Good, The Right, etc.

3. Types of ethical theories: Consequentialism

4. Types of ethical theories: Nonconsequentialism

5. Responsibility

6. Persons

7. Justice

8. Rights

9. The good (happiness, the good life)

10. Punishment (new: 9-15-03)

11. Reparation, Retribution, and Revenge (new: 9-30-03)

12. Needs, Wants, Interests, Motives (new: 2-11-04)