Review for Final Exam Fall 2010

by Dr. Jan Garrett

Revised (Very Minor Change) December 10, 2010

Final Exam dates:

     (In-class part), December 10;
     (Regular Final Exam Time) 8:00 a.m., December 14

I. For the in-class part, objective:

Show knowledge of terms and basic ideas of the following authors (They need not have been introduced in assigned articles by the authors.)
Smith - Bentham - Mill - Marx - Nietzsche - Sartre - Rawls - Held

Here is a preliminary list.

II. For the December 14 part

I shall formulate and make available to you (probably before December 8) essay questions corresponding to most of the authors listed under Part I and divide them into two groups. You are to write one essay from each group. Each essay should be 350-600 words, more or less. (Of course, this does not count toward the semester wordcount associated with papers that were due earlier.) Do not choose an essay topic that substantially overlaps with your second major paper. (Here is the list of essays.)