Partnership Links

Websites Generally Reflecting or Helping to Understand
the Partnership/Care Perspective and Its Opposite

Contact: Dr. Jan Garrett

Revised: January 25, 2010

Riane Eisler’s Work

Click on books and read selected articles
Such as: Roadmap to a New Economics

The Tikkun perspective (spiritual and ethical writings)

Jim Wallis’ Sojourners site
(a Christianity-inspired care perspective)

The Elders

Cognitive Linguistics, Morality, and Politics

George Lakoff on Moral Politics, Strict Father and Nurturant Parent Family Models of Morality
Links to articles and videos by or about the views of George Lakoff

More on Care-Focused and Feminist Philosophy

Article on Nell Noddings’ views, with quotes from her

Rosemary Tong’s encyclopedia article on feminist ethics
(compares care-focused and other forms of feminist ethics)

More advanced thinking on moral psychology and feminism

Martha Nussbaum

Martha Nussbaum’s Theory of Capabilities