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Please Read Before Using This Website

The buttons to the left of this webpage will allow you access to the subdivisions of this website.

Basic (short for "Basic Materials") contains general materials of relevance to students in Dr. Garrett's PHIL 320 course. However, see Info for Papers for materials relating directly to the major papers.

Lectures, Dialogues, etc. contains selected lecture notes, dialogues, etc., that may have been presented originally in class. This section is updated several times a semester. Check back frequently.

Off-Site Resources contains links to collections of material on the Internet for the most part outside Western Kentucky University (or collections of links to such material).

Documents contains links to important documents from the history of ethical hought.

Key Concepts explains and discusses important general ideas and terms that cannot wait to be discussed in the context of a given ethical theory or contemporary controversy.

Ethical Theories contains links to webpages composed by Dr. Garrett for use in connection with his lectures on normative ethical theories, the basic tools of ethical evaluation that will be employed in the course. (Few of the ideas here are original with Dr. Garrett.)

Contempoary Issues links to web pages, many of them composed by Dr. Garrett, discussing specific moral controversies. Specific moral controversies treated include (but are not limited to) topics such as Abortion, Environmental Ethics, Racism, and War. Most of these pages summarize arguments found elsewhere in the vast literature of ethics and are provided primarily as a quick introduction to important (not necessarily correct) views.

Info for Papers will contain instructions and guidelines for the composition of major papers that will be due during the semester. It may contain assignments from previous semesters that have not been modified for the current semester.

Are you having problems? The FAQ's button opens a "Frequently Asked Questions" page in which the instructor responds to common concerns regarding the course, instructor-student interactions, and the use of the web site. Take a look at the list of questions at the start of the semester and consult the answers as needed.