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Revised: May 3, 2010

Dialogues      Lecture Notes, Handouts
On Relativism, Objectivism, Divine Command Theory, etc. (rev. 3-15-10)
On Aristotle's Ethics (rev. 3-15-10)
Eu_Neek--Or, Is There a Right to Be Unique?
On Libertarianism (restored 2-22-10)
On Rawls' Liberalism (restored 4-5-10)
A Short Dialogue on Science and Ethics (New: 3-31-10)
A Conversation on Persons
An Interview with Immanuel Kant (restored 5-3-10)
Conversation on Ethics and War (revised 4-26-10)
      Partnership and Domination Patterns of Relationships (Lecture notes)
Ethical Theory through Eislerian and Lakovian Lenses (Lecture notes)
Eisler on MacKinnon on Pornography (New: 2-22-10)
Religious and Non-Religious Premises
Liberty-Limiting Principles

Thomas Mappes on Sexual Morality (handout)
     Cases to Accompany Mappes handout
Dialogue Character Lists       Other
Characters in "On Relativism, Objectivism, etc."
Characters in "On Aristotle's Ethics"
Characters in "Meet the Kahn-Sequenzes"
Characters in "Conversation on Persons"
      How to Read Ethics Articles
Protagoras' Myth on the Creation of Humans (from Plato, Protagoras)
Matthew Hachee, "Kant, Race, and Reason"
Student Happiness Responses (collected 3/17/2010)

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