Ethical Theories

For ethical theory pages not composed by Dr. Garrett, see note.

A. Descriptive Ethical Theories

B. Normative Ethical Theories

     1. Hierarchy Ethics, Enlightenment Ethics (Sketch of History of Western Ethics)

     2. Utilitarianism, Libertarianism, Kant, Socialism, Liberalism

     3. Virtue Ethics

     4. Developments Since 1950: Care Theory, Rawls, Sen, and Nussbaum


For discussions of ethical theory by other philosophers, see the following items or use your computer search engines. Moreover, there are links to original sources in particular web pages, e.g., to Aristotle's Ethics in my page on Virtue Ethics and to J. S. Mill's Utilitarianism in my page on Utilitarianism. Feel free to ask for pointers to additional sources.--J. G.

Larry Hinman's Ethics Updates, a large site with many topics discussed.

Rosemary Tong's "Feminist Ethics".