Online Resources (Articles)

This page revised April 16, 2008

For primary sources, see Online Primary Sources

1. Descartes--Life and Works (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

2. Descartes--Epistemology (Stanford Encyclopedia)

3. Epistemelinks on Hobbes
     Hobbes' Moral and Political Philosophy (Internet Encyclopedia)

4. Baruch Spinoza (Stanford Encyclopedia)
     Studia Spinoziana

5. Gottfried von Leibniz (Stanford Encyclopedia) (scroll down)

6. John Locke (Stanford Encyclopedia)

7. George Berkeley (Internet Encyclopedia)

8. David Hume (Stanford Encyclopedia)

9. Kant--Philosophical Development (Stanford Encyclopedia).


10. G. W. F. Hegel (Stanford Encyclopedia)

11. Karl Marx (Stanford Encyclopedia)

12. Friedrich Nietzsche (Stanford Encyclopedia)

13. The John Dewey Center at Southern Illinois University

14. A. N. Whitehead (Stanford Encyclopedia)

15. Analytic Philosophy (Internet Encyclopedia)

16. Ludwig Wittgenstein (Stanford Encyclopedia)

17. Martin Heidegger (Internet Encyclopedia)

18. Karl Popper (Stanford Encyclopedia)

19. John Rawls materials on Line