Materials Related to Socrates and Plato

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Highly Recommended or Required Reading

A Day in Old Athens (ca. 360 BCE) (Cultural Context)

The Defense Speech of Socrates, abridged version
          (Questions for this version)
The Defense Speech ("Apology"), complete version, trans. by B. Jowett
          (Questions for this version)

Socrates' Convictions (Explicit or Implicit in His Defense Speech)
A Very Short Socratic Dialogue (Illustrating Socratic Dialectic)
Questions on Plato chapter in TT 2013 ed.: (Word .doc)

          Two Charts: Plato's Ideal State and Flawed Types of State and Soul
     (Restored: 2-13-13)
Plato, Symposium (Socrates'—and Diotima's—Speech)
Plato, The Cave Allegory (from Rep. vii) and The Divided Line (from Rep. vi)

A Survey-Level Introduction to Plato (restored: 2-13-2013)
Forms and Particulars (handout)

Commitment in Antiquity (added 10/10/11)

For insights regarding Socrates' and Plato's notions of the gods,
see Homer's Gods, Plato's Gods; see also one-page chart