Accounting Rule-Making: 
  1. What was the function of the  Committee on Accounting Procedure?
  2. What are Accounting Research Bulletins?
  3. What led to the demise of the Committee on Accounting Procedure?
  4. What rule-making body replaced the Committee on Accounting Procedure?
  5. What are Accounting Research Studies?  How do they differ from Accounting Research Bulletins?
  6. What are Opinions of the Accounting Principles Board?
  7. Over what time period did the Accounting Principles Board exist?
  8. What happened to the Accounting Principles Board?
  9. Why was the Wheat Committee established?
  10. Why was the Trueblood Committee established?
  11. Explain the current rule-making structure in accounting.
  12. What is the composition of the FASB membership?
  13. What is meant by the phrase "due procss?"
  14. Explain the nature of a Discussion Memorandum and an Exposure Draft.
  15. Explain the nature of Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts.
  16. What are FASB Interpretations and FASB Technical Bulletins?
  17. What is the Emerging Issues Task Force? What function does it fulfill?
  18. What are  consensus statements?

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