Historical Development of Accounting:
    1. How early can record-keeping be traced?
    2. What is the first evidence of Double-entry bookkeeping?
    3. What was the impact of the religious crusades on the development of accounting?
    4. The partnership form of business had what influences on accounting?
    5. What was Pacioli's contribution to accounting development?
    6. What are Littleton's antecedents of double entry bookkeeping?
    7. What were the characteristics of accounting at the close of the fifteenth century?
    8. What effect did Adam Smith have on the development of accounting?
    9. What was the Industrial Revolution and what impact did it have on accounting?
    10. What is the "balance sheet theory of profit?"
    11. What influence did the development of the corporation have on accounting?
    12. What influence did the adoption of an income tax law have on accounting?
    13. What influence did governmental regulation have on the development of accounting?

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