Disposals of a Business Component--FAS No. 144
        1. Why should the results of continuing operations be reported separately from the discontinued operations?
        2. What caption(s) would be found under "Discontinued Operations?"
        3. What item(s) would be found in under the "Discontinued Operations?"
        4. If an adjustment occurs in a current period of a loss on discontinued operations reported in a prior period, how should the adjustment be reported in the current period?
        5. If discontinued segment assets are sold for more or less than the anticipated NRV in a year subsequent to the year in which the initial loss is recorded, how will this fact affect the financial reporting in the year of disposal? (similar to the above question)
        6. In general, if gains are expected on the disposal of a business segment, when should they be recognized?
        7. If a segment has been discontinued in 19X6, what impact does this fact have on the 19X5 financial statements presented with the 19X6 statements for comparative purposes?

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