FemUn Newsletter Spring 2009 29.1

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S09 29.2

On the cover
The pencil drawing on the cover was the winner of a contest among third semester
Spanish students at IWU. The assignment was to put into images the following scene
from La casa en Mango Street:

"Y luego un día Mamacita y el nene-niño llegaron en un taxi Amarillo. La puerta del taxi se abrió como el brazo de un mesero. Y va saliendo un zapatito color de rosa, un pie suavecito como la oreja de un conejo, luego el tobillo grueso, una agitación de caderas, unas rosas fucsia y un perfume verde. El hombre tuvo que jalarla, el chofer del taxi empujarla. Empuja, jala. Empuja, jala. ¡Puf!" (79)

Mamacita, a character in the book La casa en Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, is a
large, beautiful woman who is struggling with her recent move to the United States. She
knows how to say only three phrases in English: “He not here,” “No speak English,” and
“Holy smokes.” She misses her old home so much that she refuses to leave the house
or to learn English; she prefers to sit by the window and sing Spanish songs all day.
Eventually her son learns to speak English, and Mamacita is so saddened by this that
she can only cry and continue to say, “No speak English, no speak English.”

I am a student at Illinois Wesleyan University majoring in English/Writing. I hope
someday write and work in publishing. I really enjoy the arts, especially visual arts and
writing. Madeline Tyner

MLA Conference 2008 Papers included in this Newsletter:

  • "Spanish Women Behind the Wheel: Seeking Alternative Communities on the Road"
    Jorge Pérez, University of Kansas

Book Reviews:

  • Benegas, Noni. Burning Cartography. Translated by Noël Valis. Austin, Texas:
    Host Publications, 2007. 99 pp., (Margaret Persin, Rutgers University)
  • Caulfield, Carlota. A Mapmaker’s Diary. Selected Poems. Translated by Mary G.
    Berg in collaboration with the author. Buffalo, NY: White Pine, 2007. 156 pp. (Beth Pollack New Mexico State University)
  • Qespi, Rocío. Durmiendo en el agua. Lima: Mundo Ajeno, 2008. 100 pp. (Kyle K. Black Arizona State University)
  • Arenales, Yolanda. Madrifornia. Madrid: Atlantis, 2007. 217 pp. (Tina Escaja
    University of Vermont)
  • Polit Dueñas, Gabriela. Cosas de hombres. Escritores y caudillos en la literatura
    latinoamericana del siglo XX
    . Buenos Aires: Beatriz Viterbo Editora, 2008. 220 pp. (Rocío Quispe-Agnoli Michigan State University)

Complete volumen in pdf

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