FemUn Newsletter Spring 2007 27.1

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Spring 27.2

On the Cover

The photograph on the front cover is a scene from Sábado corto, a play by Héctor Quintero. Sábado corto made history for its enormous success in 1986 and for the inimitable performance by the original lead actress who had so many professional offers after appearing in Héctor Quintero’s play that she did not to return to the role in 1987. No other actress wanted to take the role since comparisons would be inevitable, but in 2003 the timing was right and Quintero found another star performer. In the fall of 2003, Sábado corto opened at the Teatro Mella with Natasha Díaz in the lead role that won her the "Premio Caricato 2003" from UNEAC (Unión Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba) for Best Dramatic Actress. Quintero explained that he had wanted Díaz for the role, but alcoholism had left her unemployed for some time. In her mid-forties, Díaz agreed that she would not drink if cast in the lead role. Such was the success of the play and the high praise for her stellar performance that Díaz went into rehab and returned to the stage sober in the spring of 2004.

MLA Conference 2006 papers included in this Newsletter:

  • "Catholic Nationalism and the Argentine Military Dictatorshi". Megan Gibbons
  • "Female Mysticism: Cecilia del Nacimiento y María de San Alberto". Julian Olivares
  • "Gender Religion, and the State: Masculinity and Feminism in Spain Today". Lisa Vollendorf

Complete volumen in pdf

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