FemUn Newsletter Spring 2006 26.1

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Fall 2006 26.1

About the artist

“Issues of abandonment, isolation, sexism, political freedom, war, and dislocation have for millennia haunted the human psyche. Each of these has been part of the personal experience of Sandra C. Fernández. We all have choices as to how we will process and overcome the traumatic experiences that befall us. Psychologically, one must embrace the past, however painful, to become liberated from our memory’s emotional constrictions. In confronting personal issues, artists understand that the creative process provides an opportunity to distill memory until only the primary essences remain […] the
resulting artworks point to a universality that allows us an expansion in consciousness, moving towards a new depth of understanding of the human condition. Through the exploration of different media, Fernández has sought to confront her personal history, seek awareness and relay such universal concepts”—Manya Fabiniak Sandra C. Fernández was born in Queens, New York, and spent most of her youth in Quito, Ecuador. She has resided in the United States since 1987. She holds a M.A. and a M.F.A from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

She is currently part of the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin. Sandra has had many public commissions, honors and awards as well as national and international exhibitions of her work.

Reseñas included in this Newsletter:

  • Women and Children First: Spanish Women Writers and the Fairy Tale Tradition. María Elena Soliño. Potomac, MD: Scripta Humanistica, 2002. (Rosario Torres, Penn State University Berks )
  • Ticket to Ride. Oakland: InteliBooks, 2005 by Carlota Caulfield (Lydia Gil )
  • Small Theater Makes Big Statements: Chicago’s Teatro Luna (Sobeira Latorre, Illinois Wesleyan University and Joanna Mitchell, Denison University )

Complete volumen in pdf

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