FemUn Newsletter Fall 2005 25.2

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Fall 25.2


About the artist

Patricia M. Carlson was born in Minneapolis, MN in 1957. Her family moved to Long Beach, Ca., when she was 3 years ld. It was there, between the majestic Pacific Ocean and the energing LA freeway system, that Patti got her groovitude and a keen eye for everything beautiful. Her passion for beauty led her a degree in Enviromental Design from the University of Caolifornia, Los Angeles. She moved to Bloomington, IL., more than a decade ago with her husband Danie and two children, Nate and Catherine. In the flat lands of Central Illinois she continues to appreciate nd photograph beautiful forms in nature. She is also the Newsletter Editor of the Central Ilinois Audubon Society, and she teaches part time at Illinois State University's Laboratory Schools. The photograph featured on the cover was taken at Dawson Lake, about 15 miles east of Bloomington, during a glorious fall afternoon. This spot at Dawson Lake is one of her favorite mediatation sites.

MLA Conference 2004 Papers included in this Newsletter:

  • "Mourning Gloria: Feeling beyond the Bodyís Borders in the Wake of Anzaldúa's Death ". Suzanne Bost, Southern Methodist University
  • "Gloria Anzaldúa's New Mestiza and her Sisters: Language, Resistance, and Female Identity". Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey, Independent Scholar.
  • "Revolutionizing Contemporary Theories: Anzaldúa's Politics of Spirit". AnaLouise Keating , Texas Womenís University
  • "Anzaldúa's Paradigm for Queer Theory". Mikko Tuhkanen, East Carolina University

Book Reviews:

  • Violations: Stories of Love by Latin American Women. Edited by Psiche Hughes.
    Lincoln and London: U of Nebraska P, 2004. 187 pp. (Janis Breckenridge
    Hiram College)
  • McGovern, Lynn Ann. Contando historias: Las primeras novelas de Lourdes Ortiz. Madrid: Pliegos, 2004. ISBN: 84-96045-26-9 (Ellen Mayock, Washington and Lee University)
  • Pérez Bustamante, Ana Sofía. El placer de la escritura o Nuevo retablo de Maese Pedro. Mourier, editor, illustrated by Candi Garbarino (17 color illustrations), in Textos y Estudios de Mujeres, Publicaciones de la Universidad de Cádiz, 2005. 303 pages. (Francisca Gonz·lez-Arias, University of Massachusetts, Lowell )

Complete volumen in pdf

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