FemUn Newsletter Fall 2003 23.2

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Fall 2003 23.2

About the author

Mariela Paniagua. She was born in Santiago, Chile in 1961. She studied Interior Design, Drawing & Painting, Music, and Dance & Drama. working on pastel technique, later when works on oil and charcoal, and she is making an incursion with other materials and mixed techniques. At the present, she works on monoprint, oil, aquatint, and charcoal with pigments and smoke.

MLA Conference 2002 Papers included in this Newsletter:

  • “Es que es muy facha”: Ideologically Suspicious Feminists and Hispanic Feminist Scholarship and Teaching". Joyce Tolliver, University of Illinois-Urbana
  • "Issues in Feminist Research: The Case of Estela Canto". Patricia N. Klingenberg, Miami Univ., Oxford
  • “The Return of the Poetess and Other Gynocritical Anachronisms: the Portuguese Context”. Anna Klobucka, Univ. of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • "Looking at the Margins from the Borderlands: Understanding Gender and Ethnicity in Brazilian Women’s Literature". Cristina Ferreira-Pinto, Texas State University – San Marcos.
  • "Thinking/Feeling Ourselves: The Embodied Cognitive Revolution and Some Examples for Gender and Cultural Studies". Catherine Connor (Swietlicki), University of Vermont.

Book Reviews:

  • Anderson Córdova, Blanca. La edad del arrepentimiento. Fair Haven, N.J.: Nuevo Espacio, 2003. ISBN: 1-930-879-36-9. 227 pp. (Silvia Álvarez Olarra,Penn State University)
  • Cami-Vela, María. Mujeres detrás de la cámara. Entrevistas con cineastas españolas de la década de los 90. Madrid: Ocho y Medio, 2001.(Maria Asunción Gómez, Florida International University )
  • Luibhéid, Eithne. Entry Denied. Controlling Sexuality at the Border. Minneapolis and London: U of Minnesota P, 2002. xxvii + 253 pp. ISBN 0-8166-3803-9. (Lisa Vollendorf Wayne State University )
  • Suez, Perla. Letargo. Buenos Aires: Grupo Editorial Norma. Colección “La otra orilla.” 2000. 108 páginas. ISBN: 987-9334-60-4. (Beth Pollack New Mexico State University )
  • Moret, Zulema. Noche de rumba. Madrid: Ediciones Torremozas, 2002. (Fabiola Fernández Salek, Chicago State University )

Complete volumen in pdf

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