MLA Panels and Business Meeting

Feministas Unidas Inc. meets once a year at the same time and in the same place as the annual conventions of the Moderm Language Association. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called at any time.

The 2017 annual meeting of Feministas Unidas Inc. will take place during the 2017 MLA annual convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The meeting is open to all current members of the coalition. Place and time TBA.

As a MLA allied organization, every year Feministas Unidas Inc. organizes several panels on topics of interest to the coalition.

2017 MLA Panel Sponsored by Feministas Unidas Inc. Austin, Texas

The FemUn special session during the 2017 MLA annual convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will be on “Feminismos y estudios de géneros en América Latina y España: cruzando fronteras”.

Desde la concepción de un movimiento feminista masivo en la década de los 60 hasta hoy día, el concepto de qué es feminismo ha continuado evolucionando. Hoy día, este término no sólo incluye las preocupaciones de las mujeres sino también las de todos los géneros. Las discusiones más recientes (Butler, Ludmer, Olea, etc.) sugieren que el concepto de género mismo no siempre tiene fronteras fijas. El propósito de este panel es explorar cómo estas nociones de feminismos y de géneros cruzan no sólo cuerpos sino también las fronteras nacionales, regionales, étnicas, culturales, etc.

2017 NeMLA Sponsored panel: Call for Proposals
The Female Body in the Public Realm: Territory for Political and Religious Wars, March. 23-26, Baltimore, MD

Feministas Unidas call for papers: "The Female Body in the Public Realm: Territory for Political and Religious Wars (FemUn Panel)" As globalization settles in across the planet, the female body continues to be the territory par excellence where political and religious wars are fought. From the Balkan war to the femicides of Ciudad Juárez and the women facially disfigured by acid throwing, the female body continues to be perceived as a threat in the public sphere. This panel explores scholarly ideas on feminist conceptualizations of the female body in the public realm in Spanish-speaking societies dealing with political or religious wars. This discussion has relevance because expressions of violence against the female body continue to happen every day.

Abstracts are submitted online. Link to submit an abstract to accepted sessions:
Deadline to send abstracts is September 30, 2016 and the conference will take place on March 23-26, 2017 in Baltimore, MD, hosted by The Johns Hopkins University.

FemUn 2016 SAMLA Sponsored panel:
Literature and the Other Arts, Nov. 13-15, Durham, NC

Feministas Unidas call for papers: Hispanic/Latino Postfeminist biopics, media representations, and adaptations (Spanish, English, Portuguese) This panel includes interdisciplinary approaches to Hispanic/Latino performative subjects in a variety of literary, cultural, and multimedia representations. Alternative cultural readings informed by life writing theory, gender and sexualities, media and cinema studies, and/or popular culture studies, among others will provide the framework to consume alternative biopics. Media representations and literary and/or cultural adaptations include fiction and non-fiction biopics, biographical comics, docudramas, auto/biographical video-textures, photographic portraits, digital archives, corporeal markers as signatures, drawings or sketches, architectural sites, decorative arts as biographical mappings, among other non-canonical biographical narratives. Films, documentaries, graphic biographies, visual journals, animation, and/or cultural artifacts constructing a non-canonical biopic will be also considered.

More information: Professor Magdalena Maiz-Peña <>