MLA Panels and Business Meeting

Feministas Unidas Inc. meets once a year at the same time and in the same place as the annual conventions of the Moderm Language Association. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called at any time.

The 2018 annual meeting of Feministas Unidas Inc. will take place during the 2018 MLA annual convention in New York City, New York. The meeting is open to all current members of the coalition. Place and time TBA.

As a MLA allied organization, every year Feministas Unidas Inc. organizes several panels on topics of interest to the coalition.

2018 MLA Panel Sponsored by Feministas Unidas Inc. New York City, New York

The FemUn special session during the 2018 MLA annual convention in New York City, NY, will be on “Hispanic Women in the Public Sphere: Debates on Feminisms, Activism, and Solidarities”.

Chair: Ana Corbalán

2017 NeMLA Sponsored panel: Call for Proposals
The Female Body in the Public Realm: Territory for Political and Religious Wars, March. 23-26, Baltimore, MD

Pittsburgh, PA., April 12-15
Chair: Hilda Chacón (Nazareth College)

Notions of "space," "landscape," and "world" evolve and transform depending on the time period and cultural context. This panel seeks to address how Latin American and/or Spanish drama, literature and film, of any time period, explore ideas of "space," "landscape," and "world" while challenging political, social and ideological contexts. We are particularly interested in how the application of gender and sexuality studies comes to bear on these (con)texts. For more information visit:
Deadline September 30th, 2017.

FemUn 2017 SAMLA Sponsored Panel in Atlanta, GA

The FemUn special session during the 2017 SAMLA annual convention in Atlanta, GA, will be on “Popular Hispanic Culture Beyond Borders and Boundaries”. Our panel will be chaired by Eugenia Charoni. With the following presenters:

Lori Celaya, University of Idaho

"Bidirectional Shits and Transformations in and Through US Latina Diasporic Narratives"

Ericka Helena Parra, Valdosta State University "Entre tatuajes y cicatrices se reconfigura un texto: el cuerpo en el que nació la mexicana Guadalupe Nettel"

Eugenia Charoni, Flager College
"Relatos breves de un pasado pesado (2013): Memoria, educación y arte contra las consecuencias de la última dictadura civico-militar argentina".