Members Directory

Feministas Unidas Inc. uses an online membership system that allows members to update and to share their professional and personal information. It also provides access to the FemUn Directory. Access to the Directory is restricted to current FemUn members only.

The URL for the online membership system is:

Message from Candyce Leonard, Treasurer and Membership Recorder

Dear Colleagues,

Some of you have received a recent message from us regarding renewal of your membership in Feministas Unidas Inc. and have already updated your membership, while others of you haven’t heard from us in quite a long time. Some of you have moved to another institution, and we want to re-establish our ties with you and also let you know of our on-line method of payment that we instituted this spring. You may renew online via PayPal (we pay for the process). Go to our new database at, and following the information on the “Home” page (the direct link to on-line renewal is Within moment of your payment, PayPal automatically sends me the information that you have renewed so that I can enter it into the database.

You have access to the eChapters database to post professional information as well as change address, e-mail name, etc. In case you don’t have your log-in information, once you have renewed, I will prompt the database to send you your log-in information.

If you choose to pay by conventional method (check), use this membership form please.

Olga Bezhanova, Treasurer and Membership Recorder