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Founded in 1979, Feministas Unidas Inc. is a non-profit Coalition of Feminist Scholars in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies. Our Coalition publishes an e-newsletter in the spring and fall, and an anual critical peer-reviewed journal, Ámbitos Feministas, in the Fall. As an allied organization of the MLA, Feministas Unidas Inc. sponsors several panels at the annual convention, as well as at other academic meetings (SAMLA, NeMLA, etc.). As an interdisciplinary alliance, we embrace all fields of studies and culture relating to Hispanic women.

Executive Board

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For general inquires about FemUn, contact:

Tina Escaja , President

Cynthia Tompkins, Vice President

To share information with the FemUn members, contact:

Marta Boris, Secretary

For membership and echapters inquires, contact:

Olga Bezhanova, Treasurer

For questions or comments regarding the Newsletter, contact:

María Alejandra Zanetta, Newsletter Editor

For questions about the Book Reviews published in the Newsletter, contact:

Carmen de Urioste-Azcorra, Book Review Editor
carmen.urioste@asu.edu || carmen.urioste@mac.com

For inquires about Ámbitos Feministas, contact:

Carmen de Urioste-Azcorra, Editor
carmen.urioste@asu.edu || carmen.urioste@mac.com

Magdalena Maíz Peña, Associate Editor

Inma Pertusa, Associate Editor

For questions or comments regarding the FemUn web site, contact:

Inma Pertusa, Webmistress