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Conference Presentations

January 2009. Questions of Gender in Limonese Creole English. The Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics. San Francisco.

September 2004. How research on Limonese Creole is extending current perspectives on gender. Department of Linguistics Faculty/Graduate Colloquium.

January 2004. Morphosyntactic Borrowing in Limonese Creole English: Part Two. The Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, Boston.

April 2000. Limonese Creole: A rose by any name. Southeastern Conference on Linguistics. Oxford, Mississippi.

January 2000. A gender-based comparison of native and borrowed discourse markers in Limonese Creole. The Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, Chicago, IL.

March 1999. 'im jus basilarin': Fooling around with Limonese Creole English. American Association of Applied Linguistics. Stamford, Connecticut.

January 1999. Morphosyntactic and lexical borrowing from Spanish into Limonese Creole English. The Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, Los Angeles, California.

November 1998. West Africanisms in Limonese Creole English. (with Samuel Obeng).5th International Conference on World Englishes, Urbana, Illinois.

March 1998. Borrowing and codeswitching in Limonese Creole. American Association of Applied Linguists, Seattle, Washington.

February 1998. Facilitator for panel discussion: Many Nationalities - One Community, between local community members and newly-arrived immigrants, for a conference entitled: Many Flags - One World: A Multicultural Conference for DuBois County .

January 1998. Limon Creole: A case of contact-induced language change. The Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, New York, New York.

October 1997. El intercambio de códigos en Limón. [Codeswitching in Limon]. VII Congreso Costarricense de Filología, Lingüística y Literatura, University of Costa Rica.

September 1997. Planificación lingüística en Africa sub-Sahara. [Language Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa]. Guest lecture for graduate linguistics course on language planning. University of Costa Rica at San Jose.

July 1997. Why not French? The rise of a Wolof lingua franca in Senegal. 28th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, Cornell University. Ithica, NY.

April 1997. The development of a Wolof koine in Senegal. University of Kentucky Modern Language Conference. Lexington, Kentucky.

October 1996. Violating Sankoff and Poplack's Constraints: Spanish/English Codeswitching. Spanish Linguistics Colloquium, Indiana University.

April 1993. Out of Book Language Activities. Bilingual Education-EFL Seminar, Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo Leon. Monterrey, Mexico.

May 1989. El ritual y la obsesión en la tematica de la soledad: La Candida Eréndira y La crónica de una muerte anunciada. Modern Language Conference. Lexington, KY.



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