by Davy Stone
My Tellarite was made based on the work of Sue at Final Frontiers, the one-time #1 webstore for Trek figures.  It was a sad day when that site went down :-(

Anyway, this pig-snouted guy is made from a ST Traveler figure.  He worked nicely, especially because he already had 3-fingered hands.  His jumpsuit, however, was highly textured, so I filled in the pattern with contour putty.  Then I added his belly using the same putty, tediously building it up one layer at a time.  Finally, I sculpted the head, being careful as always to keep the eyes as visible as possible.  For the head modifications I used -- you guessed it -- contour putty. 

In fact, I really used up mucho contour putty on this figure -- even using it for the fur on the backs of his hands.  Yup, back when I started customizing Trek figures, the only real clay/putty tool I had was Testor's contour putty.  I think I got pretty good at sculpting with the stuff, but I'm glad I've moved on to better media. 

This was the first figure on which I used masking techniques to aid in painting straight lines.  It worked fairly nicely, although I had to spend quite a bit of time taping that pattern on him (and quite a bit of time with my VCR on pause so I could see what it actually looked like).

Parts Used:
Base figure: ST Traveller
Belt: Rubber band
Other stuff: Contour putty
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Featured at
Custom Toy Fair 1999