by Davy Stone

Creating my Saurian was a real challenge because this is one of the few aliens to show up where the actor's eyes weren't also the alien's eyes.  So after studying reference art (a trading card from the 70s and one picture in "the Art of Star Trek"), I started sculpting.  I chose Sisko for two reasons: 1) he was loose and cheap (get your mind out of the gutter); and 2) his head had very few details to sculpt around.  And I say sculpt around instead of carve off because I didn't change a thing about Sisko.

I still followed my make-up artist analogy even though I didn't have to make sure the eyes were visible.  But I tried to be careful to add only small amounts of extra detailing to him so that he didn't end up with an oversized head.  I had a hard time doing the detail work I wanted on such small places (such as the nostrils).  In the end, I found that I was able to get more of the look I wanted through painting techniques, my favorite of which was using clear red paint around the eyes to give them a wet look.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Commander Sisko
Head: Contour putty
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Featured at
Custom Toy Fair 1999